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Connect: The link to meeting your market.

Connect Leaflet Distribution was born through a firm belief that door to door marketing provides a tangible and cost effective way for businesses to reach their target audience. In February 2010, the British Marketing Survey found that leaflets and flyers through the door received the highest response of all advertising channels, including newspapers, television and email.

We have a wealth of industry experience and realise there are many factors to consider in order for a distribution campaign to be a success which is why we work closely with all our customers to achieve maximum results. In relation to leaflet distribution Scotland here at ‘Connect’ we believe in providing a cost effective and tangible solution to door drop media whether it’s our leaflet distribution Glasgow team or leaflet distribution Edinburgh team our commitment is exactly the same. The intensive research we undertook concluded the best results will be achieved;

  • By ensuring there are no more than six distributors to one well organised non-distributing supervisor.
  • By managing each individual distribution project in-house and refusing to sub-contract work.
  • By paying some of the highest wages in the industry to our distributors offering additional incentives making them feel valued.
  • By giving our carefully selected and well-trained supervisors an hourly wage so they work directly for us overseeing each team member supplied by Connect Leaflet Distribution.



Here at ‘Connect’ we believe in having the right people in place and rewarding them accordingly. Unfortunately, it is common practice for a leaflet distributor to get paid £25 or £30 to distribute 1000 leaflets. We realised in order for our leaflet distribution Glasgow team or leaflet distribution Edinburgh team to achieve the desired results they have to be rewarded accordingly by offering a higher basic rate per 1000 while also offering additional incentives. As far as Connect are concerned a happy workforce will be more effective and efficient. We also achieve great results in door to door marketing because;

  • We operate in teams of only six quality adult distributors to one non distributing supervisor.
  • We can facilitate the whole process this way as each distributor can be supervised effectively, increasing overall efficiency of the whole team at all times.
  • We keep our overall business overheads to an absolute minimum with sensible but effective management practices.
  • We ensure each distributor has enough stock throughout the day also monitoring the amount of material delivered by distributors.


We ‘Connect’ our clients to the very best in cost effective leaflet distribution

Connect Leaflet Distribution – top flyer distributor in Scotland!

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